Embark on a Culinary Journey

Our Story of Flavourful Tradition

TIKKA HOUSE was born from a passion for authentic Indian takeaway, founded by a team of culinary enthusiasts dedicated to bringing the taste of India to Surrey’s diverse dining scene.

Serving a variety of guests, from locals seeking a taste of home to adventurous foodies craving bold flavours, TIKKA HOUSE welcomes all with warmth and hospitality.

Accolades from critics and loyal patrons alike have adorned TIKKA HOUSE, celebrating our commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of Indian culinary excellence.

TIKKA HOUSE’s dishes never fail to amaze with their authentic flavours and Nice presentation.

Simarjeet Kahlon

We Celebrate Flavours

Tandoori Chicken

Undoubtedly Tandoori chicken is the king of all tikkas in the tandoor repertoire. Amidst all the street food, kebabs, tikkas, biryanis and grilled meats we’ve scoffed down over the years in India and the UK.

Festive Biriyani Feast

According to a legend, it was the Turko-Mongol ruler Tamerlane (Timur) who brought it to India when he was trying to invade the country. It was the usual diet for his several army men, prepared freshly in earthen pots.

Unleash your taste buds

Experience the finest Indian cuisine at TIKKA HOUSE and create lasting memories.

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